Top 20 ways to increase your email list

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Top 20 Ways To Increase Your Email List

It is a matter of fact that your online community can only get bigger with more emails added to your subscription list daily. Your email list is the first asset you need to build an online community and for whatever you wish to achieve online. For instance, Email is still among several others, the foremost cost-effective marketing tool to grow your business. The limit of your subscription list, is the limit of your reach to people because not everyone will visit your website daily, while majority of people out there, are constantly in touch with their email. Therefore, seeing the indispensability of your email subscription list to you, let me give you, top 20 ways to keep your Email Subscription list growing with several added advantages.

Easy subscription

Easy subscription encourages people to sign up for your email. It get bored if as a person that have limited time I have to go through several fill-in boxes before I could successfully subscribe for your email. Make your email subscription as simple as possible, just the email address, afterwards, sit back and watch the list growing daily.

Family and friends can be of great

Your family and friends can be of great help in building your list. You don’t know the reach of all your family members, as well as your friends. Getting them to work with you on increasing your list will not just add to your subscription list, but much more, will keep adding to it by the day.

Look through your contacts and database

As much as you didn’t grow up on your own, you have met many people in one way or the other. That is another starting point in getting more subscribers for your email. Ask them to sign up.

You can ask face to face

A nice “chit-chat” with people you meet can in return get you an additional email subscriber who if not underestimated, can get you reach out to several others. Don’t get into yourself all the time, feel free to talk nicely to people.

Engage your employees in this

You can get all things done by yourself and that’s why you employed them. Get everyone on your team busy reaching out to encourage their family members, friends. Moreso, you can make it competitive and attracted to engage in.

Learning about your existing contacts

Learning about your existing contacts can get you an increasing link. Difference in personal taste can get you on the other side of increasing your list. Get acquainted with your readers and get o read about them, this will help yu write content that suits their taste in group and that can get your newsletter faster than you can imagine, as people love sharing what they find intriguing.

An advantage to every sign up

Add an advantage to every sign up. Benefits derived from clicks and sign up invites more people to a website or signup form. Look for ways to reward your customers and those customers can use this as a means of referring people to your subscription list too.

Share your sign up form on your website

Don’t leave your signup form out of your webpage. Place it there not as a compulsory action to do but as one with added advantage for visiting your page.

Include social sharing buttons to your email

This makes it easier for your subscribers to share the piece you just shared with them on their own personal social page(s). People have influence on each other. You can’t just imagine how this will benefit your subscription list.

Add a signup form on your social pages

Apart from your website, your social media page(s serves as an important platform to get more people added to your list.

An attractive sign up form

If your sign up form is “dry” of meaningful tips, it won’t draw attention. Let the signup form be have a short, fascinating idea of the benefits to get in joining. You need only basic information for a start, other information can be collected along the line.

Use Facebook ad

Get more people added to your subscription list by using a Facebook add that draws that attention to your sign up form.

Share feedbacks and reviews of past subscribers

On your webpage, or sign up form, post great reviews that you have from past benefactors of your email and drive many to your sign up form.

Use your business cards

Apart from other information, you can add your email subscription link to your business card and get more people to sign up

From online surveys

From online surveys, you can get more subscribers. Apart from receiving feedbacks from your online survey, you can add you subscription link which will help drive more people to your sign up form.

Collect emails when networking events

There are various free apps that will enable you get people’s email while browsing through various events on them.

Use QR codes on table tents, flyers, brochures etc

Use QR codes on table tents, flyers, brochures etc. not everyone has the time to type in your subscription link, but with a quick scan of your QR code on the table, or in the flyer’s page, they get access to your subscription link.

Use every speech time you have to get more subscribers

If you are a speaker, people will love to hear you speaking more. That’s a great chance to add up subscribers. Encourage them to sign up for newsletter and they go ahead benefitting from it, involving others too as they go.

Post free whitepapers on your website

Post free whitepapers on your website which should contain your email subscription link.

Collect email at your events

Collect email at your events or during other colleague’s event. People registering for an event or your colleague’s event drop their email which can be a real source of addition to your email subscription list.

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