Sustainable development and role of technology in sustainability

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Sustainable development is one of the greatest challenges of this present time. The entire world is facing numerous problems which in a way or that are writing the future of this world. Sustainable development is the method of bringing such problems together, like deforestation, global warming, pollution, poverty, the intoxication of the natural wealth, starvation, depletion of organic and mineral substances and so on. Though these issues are getting alarming day by day, people are still not that much aware of these. Therefore, so far, sustainable development has been only a concern on the superficial level.

Technology plays an important role in creating all these problems that the earth is facing today, but that can also be used in changing the course of the problems and turning them into the solution to make living better in this world. So, today, you will know about sustainable development and how technology plays a potential role in maintaining sustainability.

Sustainable Development

If you are cautious about environmental degradation and its effect on society and the economy, you will know the famous term, ‘Sustainable Development’. Though there are various ways to define this phrase, the core meaning is that it is an approach to the present world to maintain a balance with the needs of the present generation so that the future generations won’t suffer because of the absence of suitable environmental, economic, and social ambiance to grow.

Actually, while development takes place for a certain particular need, it often disturbs the balance of lots of other essential matters in the society and obviously, there are certain adverse effects due to that misbalance. The world is already facing such challenges on a larger scale where the environment is suffering hugely due to the apparent development in the world. For example, the encroaching of farmland for industrial development results in an increasing level of pollution, the intoxication of land and water bodies, lack of rain, etc. Due to such issues, agriculture and other things are suffering which are the bases of the economy of several countries and the financial growth of such countries is getting stalled only. The more the world will be unaware and ignorant about these issues, the faster they will be doomed. Therefore, it is high time that we get concerned about these problems and practice sustainable development so that we can make a better world for our future generation.

History of Sustainability

The concept of ‘Sustainable Development’ began its journey when the US Government took the policy of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) in 1969. That year saw the devastating result of the Santa Barbara Oil Spill that had an adverse impact on the natural environment and wildlife at that area. Later, in 1972, sustainable development became the main concern in the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment that took place in Stockholm, Sweden. In the same year, the word ‘Sustainable’ was first used in the Club of Rome’ to denote the ‘State of global equilibrium.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

As the concept of sustainable development becomes hugely popular throughout the world, in 2015, the United Nations took up the 2030 agenda where 193 countries of the world agreed to it. According to this agenda, seventeen goals have been set up to meet within 2030 to make the world a better place. Those are-

  • Eradication of poverty and hunger to develop a healthy life for all
  • Achievements in the basic needs, like water, sustainable energy, and sanitation
  • Developing opportunities for future generation by improving education and work culture
  • Reduction of gender inequalities along with others inequalities
  • Fighting against climate change by protecting land and sea life along with terrestrial ecosystem
  • Increasing clean and affordable source of energy
  • Innovation in sustainable development for industrial and economic growth
  • Building sustainable cities and communities
  • Sense of responsibility in consuming energy sources and produce the same
  • Development of peace, justice, and strong institutions
  • Healthy partnerships for meeting all these goals
  • Overall well-being with good health

All these goals are called Global Goals all together and these are taken as the universal action against poverty, hunger, inequalities and lots of other evils to make the world a peaceful and prosperous place to sustain for the future generation.

Education for Sustainable Development

Making strategies and setting goals won’t solve the problems in reality. For that, people have to understand the importance of sustainable development. Education for sustainable development means the inclusion of the key matters from the ground level of the education system. Kids should be taught on climate change, poverty reduction, disaster risk management, and sustainable consumption from their school level. Not only limited in books, but people should be inspired and motivated to practice these in reality.

Sustainable Development and Technology

The advanced technology often misses to address sustainable development and that is the reason why the environmental, social, and economic degradation has affected the world till date. But, with certain changes in the technological affair, now it is possible to meet the balance of resources and make the world a better place for the future generation. For example, more effective irrigation methods, ways of recycling the wastewater of the factories, essential medicines, advanced manufacturing processes, manufacturing objects that produce less pollution, etc. Presently, technology plays a huge role in maintaining sustainability in different sectors, including environment, social and economic sector.

Environmental Sustainability: Green technology has been developed the way of using renewable energies, like wind, solar, water, etc. to sustain the non-renewable energy, like fossil fuels.

Economical Sustainability: Business that use green technology must be supported by all. Besides, smaller businesses should be encouraged to utilize green energy more so that the local economy becomes stable, which is the base of the bigger economic picture of the society.

Social Sustainability: This is like a charity that you should start practicing from home. Putting off lights, not wasting water, not leaving electronic devices plugged it, etc. should be practiced to achieve environmental and economic sustainability.

So, here you get an overview of sustainable development. You can start the first step from your house and do your bit to make the world better for the future.

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