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You all agree, writing an email is just an art, where we present our thoughts, opinion, information, messages to our readers by drawing them into words. Generally emails can be divided into two parts, one is Subject Line and other is Body Part. Further we can divided email’s body in other section, but I m not going to mention that in this article. I will make a separate article on email’s body. Here I try to put the light on the Subject Line and to find out the answer of some of the question related to subject line.

How does Subject line play an important role in compelling users to open your mail? How to write a compelling subject line? Why recipient must open your mail?

Let’s us try to find out the answers and try to learn how to write an impressive subject line.

We all know “the first impression is the last impression”. Once it fails to attract, everything might fail. Subject line is the first impression of the email marketing. Your amazing email body will not work if those fail to create an impression on recipients. We’ve worked on email marketing subject lines and found out the ways how a subject line becomes appropriate. The ten quick and simple tips will help you make the best subject line.

These are not merely quick tips to improve your email marketing subject lines; these are ‘rules’ to boost your email open rates.

Use Question

Make your subject line outstanding with a question. It will make your recipients think how the subject matter is involved with their own life.

The best questions will attract the reader and arouse a sense of curiosity to know more about the subject.

When you write – “Do you check your emails before going to bed or do you think you can control your diabetes” – readers become interested with the subject lines. They will go forward to get the answer of the question as well as the full message.

Use How to

The how-to subject line is always catchy and readers find here a solution. It is difficult to write a bad subject line with ‘how-to’. So get the benefit of the word –how to.

The formula forces your readers to know the content which is written in a very clear language.

When you give subject lines – How to get more income or how to approach your girlfriend or how to get 1,00 face book likes in a day – readers understand exactly what he is going to learn by opening the email.

This kind of subject line never fails as it focuses on the benefit.

No boring words

Usually, marketing people think that the word ‘Free’ draws clients’ attention the most. Many use ‘Off’ to net the shoppers, or give a ‘Reminder’ to them.

But attractive words are needed in email marketing to inform the subscribers about the product to opt to sell. It is known to all that catchy words or innovative presentations attract people, irrespective of their capacity in purchasing the goods.

Once again, the boring words trigger even the potential buyers to drag the email to spam.

Short subject lines

Another secret of drawing recipients’ attention is short subject lines. It helps them to decide quickly to go into the matter without creating any annoyance in mind. Many suggest keeping a subject line not more than 50 characters.

Readers generally do not feel interest with the long subject line and sent these email directly to the trash.

Importance of different subject lines

The repetition of same subject lines brings little success in the arena of email marketing. The email sending company should always keep in mind that their subscribers are smarter than the traditional ones.

Fresh content with a new subject line is always important to make the campaign a success. The ‘old’ words or the ‘older’ ways of presentation brings a negative result for the campaign, which it does not deserve.

Localization appreciated

Researchers show that the recipients eagerly respond to the emails, which address them directly. It means the use of first or last names of the clients in the email play a positive role in making a rapport with the senders.

Use number

It is vital to set readers’ expectations and make a structure for the email content using numbers in the subject lines. The headline containing the number performs better than the one that doesn’t.

For example:

Five tips to burn your fat. You’re 3 Steps away from email marketing or 10 tips to improve your email marketing subject lines. 7 ways to increase email subscribers.

So try to use the number if it is possible. It will make your subject line more specific apart from increasing the open rate. You will get a good result with this formula. Use of number will work better to increases the reader’s interest

News Subject Lines

The headlines being used in news media are attractive. Those sound well also. Always consider the news subject line of your email while going to offers something your customer can’t get elsewhere.

Tax return submission date extended

Gold price up 3%

Offer IT Diploma Course

When you will write according to news headline, your subject line will be concrete and fat-free. Your target people will like it.

Running out approach

People are always afraid of running out something. It is a human psychology. When you inform readers that they are going to lose something essential, they rushed in together and open the mail.

For example – Mega Concert, Tickets running out; Only 1 day left to get 50% off T-shirts.

It is important to make your target audience feel ‘scarcity’ in your email subject lines. They will then feel the urge to purchase from you. The way you are presenting the product is important to the readers so that they can act quicker to avoid ‘scarcity’.

Announcement subject line

All are interested about new. So make readers feel with the subject line that there is something new in your mail or any breaking information they haven’t heard yet.

“Introduce new items in ICT fair” or “Samsung 6 plus updates”

You are informing people that there is something new in your email content by using words like ‘New’ in the subject line. Always keep in mind that people always want to know what they don’t know yet.

In Conclusion

Your subject line must entice your reader to open your email. So it is important to introduce readers with your content showcasing subject lines.

Apart from placing the best subject lines, you should make your email content resourceful. Though there are many ways to write an interesting subject line, we mentioned here the best 10 tips.

To get the best output, apply the core formulas to your next email marketing campaign. Hope you can give the best subject line and compel your recipient to respond your mail. Remember that the more you improve your subject line, the more the open rate increases.

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