20 most popular social media sites in 2020

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  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Tumblr
  • skype
  • YouTube
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • TikTok
  • YY.com
  • Telegram
  • Renren
  • Next-door
  • Twitch
  • (Tencent) QQ
  • We Chat
  • Imgur
  • Viber

Social networking sites are gaining popularity day by day. Today let’s talk about the list of the top 21 most famous social networks. New media sites were coming and going, but they have been tested with time. The information in this list brings together visitors to global as well as U.S. social networks.

  • Facebook dominates the industry of the current social networking period by boasting a password of 85 percent of the world’s users (except for China). This demonstrates the capacity of Facebook to maintain members despite the growing competitiveness as well as a stock drop of 38 percent as of July.
  • YouTube obeys second, with the third tier being Facebook Messenger. Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter were decent competitors as well, falling behind the top 3.

A current GlobalWebIndex report indicates that several chat services like Line, Viber, Snapchat and WeChat were popular in some demographics and economies. Since these platforms comment small in the infographic elsewhere here, this comes as a shock.


It was Founded in 2004. The User active monthly: is about 2.38 billion. Its OG social networking network is tried and tested and there will be a space Facebook to you regardless of your sector.

  • A few of Facebook’s lead sectors include finance, entertainment, eCommerce, gaming, retail, media, telecommunications, consumer goods, technology, and car firms.
  • Whereas the News Feed is increasingly suppressing company posts, there are ways to strengthen interaction without continuing to invest in advertising. Think about joining (or establishing) groups, use a Facebook chatbot and upgrading the engagement with live video.


The Active users Monthly 321 million. The Headquarters is in San Francisco and was found in 2006. Several businesses are thriving on Twitter fast and often furious. That your business is about enjoyment, sports, or marketing, politics, you’re on Twitter to receive a tremendous commitment.

  • Brands had an opportunity to forge as well as hone the voice on Twitter–of relation to being helpful and informative; there is room to always be smart and likable.
  • Jump in and out of threads, add value, discuss your and other content, and join an anti-stop discussion.


Instagram may be the greatest social network for you if you’re more interested in images as well as video clips. The account is held by 35 percent for American adults.

  • Its network may have gained a reputation of being superficial as well as filling of selfies, maybe unfairly.
  • You may find amazing photography, amazing artwork, and much more if you carve past its junk.


Snapchat was almost exclusively for hangouts for young people; you are incapable of finding an account for your grandma. This site is about sharing self-destructive pictures and videos, although there is a messaging characteristic and loads and loads of gamification characteristics as well.

  • Extremely famous with youth interest users, snap chat is a frequent messenger with a dissimilarity. The key to snap chat is that individual click an image (known as “snap”) and then mention on top of the content to reveal how they are sensing in that minute.
  • An essential characteristic is that the messenger is erased after you see them. Nevertheless, you can screenshot a “snap”, even you need to save it for the future. Screenshotting posts is stuff that snapchat users take sincerely.
  • Just 18% of social sites users being on snap chat, those who utilize it are indeed hooked and use the station 40 min or excess each day. Users upload their “story”, which is snapchat feed.

This is a great friend’s characteristics that upgrade, based on who you say to most. One different characteristic of snap chat is the ‘streaks’ idea, where users give a regular update to individuals in their connection called a ‘streak’.


When social media, as well as blogging nations, collide, Tumblr is what happens. You will post text, images, videos as well as other media content in your blog page that can then be followed by other subscribers.

  • The system also promotes HTML editing; if you are skilled, you can fully personalize your page look or layout. You can use a custom domain of your own.
  • Here (allegedly) Tumblr is secure for minors. Before an outright ban to December 2018, projections suggested that up to 22% for traffic on the site is pornographic in existence.


It is founded in 2003. The active users in month are about 303 million. You will find fewer than 61 million subscribers of senior roles on LinkedIn beyond its huge network of experts.

  • When you’re looking for choice-makers with both the ability to hire your business, store your brand or partner with you, LinkedIn is where you want to be.
  • Did you also know that LinkedIn consumers account for 44 percent of their income beyond the national average? Or that over 50 percent of college-educated Americans are using LinkedIn?

It may not be the flashiest social networking site, there is unrestricted potential to communicate with such an elite professional community that can make a real difference to your industry.


Microsoft-owned Skype is one of the most popular internet networking platforms predicated on interaction.

  • This allows you to use incoming calls, voice, and video (using a webcam) and instant messengers to communicate with people. Even community teleconferences can be made.
  • Or, the coolest part was that Skype-to-Skype calls are free which can be used over most of the internet to interact with someone, anywhere in the globe.


Although it had few contenders, YouTube remains the biggest and highly popular video sharing station in the globe along with more than 1.8 billion active users monthly.

The platform is best for sharing music and videos as well as live trending stuff all over the web. It is a hub for any of your media wants.


Quora is a global portal centered in California. Quora is an internet advisory room. Also, by responding to inquiries on Quora, you can develop yourself as a think-leader in your niche. Unlike other systems, though, you can get some excellent tips from professionals, but as always, the recommendation is just as good as the receiving individual. There are some really stupid issues and individuals are spending time responding to them like:

Do you want to dump your ketchup with potato chips?

  • There are some excellent channels, though, and you can hook up with individuals like this instance: how do hackers understand when they’ve been captured (I’m creating a book sequence)?
  • Quora personalizes your account according to your wishes and utilizes AI to track ads to your likes and dislikes. Search how many up ballots it has to figure out if a message is accurate on Quora.


This social media station helps you to submit matter and later vote for the stuff. The voting identifies whether the matter moves down or up, which is eventually organized based on the places of interest (named as subreddits).

  • Billed as the Internet’s front site, Reddit is component discussion board, section content application site. To help impact what is prominent at a certain given time, users may upvote and downvote the messages.
  • It covers nearly every topic you might think of. Reddit is indeed a great place to learn such as-minded people when you have a niche pastime.
  • Search out our chart of fascinating subreddits that are guaranteed to change your life for a great insight into Reddit.


TikTok is among the latest social media applications around the globe. It’s trying to fill the space upon its shutdown which Vine left behind.

Simply there is a market for quick-form video; during the first half of 2018, TikTok is the most popular app in the globe. This is all you need to understand about TikTok.


YY is a significant vid-based platform for social media in China that allows group video conversations. Over 100,000 members may view a single person performing a behavior in these chats. An activity could be anything from giving karaoke trying to sing a beginner guide, which helps users receive virtual currency which they can ago switch to cash.


Analogous to WhatsApp, it instant messenger network is accessible in far more than eight languages throughout platforms. But, by using this forum, Telegram has often focused on the security and privacy of the texts that you send on the internet. It enables you to send encoded and auto-destructive texts. WhatsApp has already made it encryption service available, while Telegram has often given it.


This is the biggest social networking media in China. And is a stage for everyone. It has been generally popular with the younger generation due to its equality with Facebook, as it permits users to simply link with others, frequently share thoughts and posts and also upgrade their moods.


Nextdoor is a forum for social networking intended to communicate neighborhood data. Typical employs include requesting suggestions from local utility providers, providing employees with their true title and creating neighborhoods with a minimum of 10 members per neighborhood.

An exciting reality about Next-door is that throughout natural disasters it has recorded a rise in use.


Amazon-owned Twitch is a trending live video service. Channels extend cookery programs to share their gameplay with a broad spectrum of professional gamers.

  • Spectators can chat with the society, subscribe to a streamer, and even chat with the streamer during the broadcast. Twitch presently has a choice of 2.2 million distributors and is widely recognized as the Gamers Social Network.
  • A masculine millennial favorite–Twitch is a wonderful location to advertise if your population goal is a masculine video sports fan aged 19-40.

(Tencent) QQ

QQ is a Chinese cyber gigantic Tencent frequent messaging service. QQ is a feature-rich communication platform that even has its own “QQ Coin” monetary that can be used to purchase app products. QQ has an interpreter built-in, gaming characteristics and video messaging capability. Originally developed for Chinese consumers alone, QQ is now common throughout the world.

We Chat

WeChat is a frequent messenger tool developed by Tencent in China, just like FB Messenger or WhatsApp. For all ordinary messenger functions such as video conversation, SMS and picture exchanging, WeChat can be used. WeChat may also be used to make mobile acquisitions.


A decade earlier, Imgur was established in California–a famous image sharing platform–ranked No.15 by Alexa in the United States. Imgur’s gifs, photos, and pictures are often up-to-date and enjoyable. Imgur is recognized as the simplest way to explore and enjoy Internet trickery. Imgur is essentially a long collection of fresh memes and gifs. Users check Imgur regularly to raise and entertain their emotions. A light-hearted, addictive online web site.


Viber belongs to Rakuten, a Japanese business. Viber says one of the company’s most significant tasks is to provide a “safe communication network.” They do not stock, communicate or edit any of your emails, as well as using end-to-end encoding to maintain chats 100% confidential.

  • If you choose their “secret chats” function, it is not possible here it get deleted by itself. You can’t go away and write the emails subsequent with Viber Secret Chats, which means you can be genuine with the function of their mystery chats.
  • Viber could be used to deliver your friends, family, and colleagues personal messages, clips, pictures, and logos.
  • Their software operates on all computers and converts into 30 distinct dialects. With the Viber network, you could even call individuals out.


Thus these are some of these famous social networking sites which are being used by people to avail the facility and get connected to the world.

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